Spreading My Wings

Posted by Jeanne Geiger Category: News

The past few months have been exciting to say the least! I have semi-relocated to Southern California where I am excited to dig in and become more involved in the music community there! I am still working quite a bit in the Bay Area for various music shows, recording dates, and also teaching events, so don’t worry I’m around! 😉

There are a few video productions I was just a part of, and will be posting them as soon as they are available! One is with Tommy Igoe Groove Conspiracy from our recent live show at Yoshi’s, where I had 4 arrangements performed, including the brand new chart I had just cranked out for Tony Lindsay to sing! Can’t wait to hear/see the recording!

As always, I am available for hire as trombonist/arranger/musician contractor as well as other various touring duties! Talk to you soon xo


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